MENTALFIT responds to the contemporary zeitgeist and quickly offers a listening ear, reflection, advice and practical tips. Exactly what is needed at the time of the question. The conversations can be made in person, online or in combination, appropriate to the employee’s wish and availability.
Professional, personal and practical.

Start within 3 working days. Urgent? Within 24h contact! Online and offline.

Reason for an appointment (employee):

Reason for an appointment (organisation):

— Preventive
— Extra impulse risk employee
— Burn out or stress complaints
— Positive impulse with dealing with ‘worries’
— Extra impulse of rewarding a good employee
— Culture change, reorganisation or acquisition
— Coping with difficult employee or customer
— Listening ear outside work atmosphere

People working in the profit & non-profit sector today may need reflection and support from a professional, reliable person outside the direct atmosphere of influence of the organization / (HR) manager.

What does MENTALFIT deliver?

— Direct support + sparring partner
— Quick reflection for deeper insight
— Determining the core of a situation, question, problem and solution options
— Break through the existing thinking spiral
— Break through behaviour and habits
— Confidential counselor

By who?

Psychologists (clinical and/or labour & organisation), certified coaches and advisors.


Make an appointment:

T. +31 40 2525201